Friday, January 05, 2007

It's Visa time.

Praise be! I just finished my visa renewal and I got a three year extension. Now I can finally quit Novacation (work it out, the company's name is the first 4 letters) and score me one of them there sweet teaching gigs I hear about!

If you ever need to renew your working visa in Osaka, go to the office in Shitennoji (四天王寺); not the one in Tenmabashi. You're chances of getting a three year renewal increase. It's on the purple Tanimachi subway line at Tennoji (天王寺) station; leave from exit one and walk for 5 minutes to your right.

I'm off to celebrate with the many bottles of booze Karaoke Queen and Osakaotaku gave me. CHEERS!


karaoke queen said...

I toldja. Shitennouji is the place to go. Rich got his 3 year visa there too. A certain company almost exclusively sends their employees to the other office (Tenmabashi) because they only give 1 year visas. Fight the system I say! Go to the other office for your 3 year!

And DO enjoy the goodies I sent you home with :D Enjoy them with someone else perhaps!

karaoke queen said...

I fixed your kanji dude.

天大寺 is Ten oo ji.

What you want is 天王寺 which is Ten nou ji.

Helpful kanji lesson from your neighbourhood karaoke queen.
大 (oo)is one of the few situations where the double o sound is written as oo. Most double o sounds are ou. Its used in our very own wonderful city of Oosaka. 大阪  Commonly written as Osaka by foreigners. :D Most of the train signs here are written incorrectly for ease of reading by gaijin. It sucks when you are trying to learn a new kanji!

Ryan said...

Congratz on the the extension!

OsakaOtaku said...

congrats. sounds like you're here for a long time. good luck on finding a better gig!