Saturday, December 09, 2006

Random Walk

Sometimes when you have nothing to do, just walking around is a good way to pass the time. Sometimes you see funny things. Actually, in Japan, you always see funny things. Some random pictures from our walk.


Errr, yes Hello Gucky. Who is Gucky?

For those of you who are thinking - wow that girl takes a lot of pictures of bar signs (see previous posts) - are there really that many bars in Osaka? The answer is "Yes!". Aside from there being a convenience store, cigarette machine, beverage vending machine and cafe/ramen shop every half a block, there are also bars. Many many bars. Basically Japanese people are chain-smoking, potato chip buying, alcoholic eating machines. At least in Osaka. Seriously. I swear that most of these people should be joining Lyndsay Lohan in AA.

*ring ring* *ring ring*
receptionist - Thank you for calling the Doggyman International Pet Academy, teaching poodles how to poop outside for 20 years.

Well, that's the end of another random walk. Maybe I'll make it a monthly thing or something ;)

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Ryan said...

haha nice pics! Keep 'em coming!