Friday, December 15, 2006

Kikis Bday!!

Another belated post :) We went out for some Shabu Shabu and then hit a karaoke bar for some all-night drinking and singing. Woo hoo! I love Japan.

There's our Bday girl opening a gift!

Dinner! Yum!

Some of our motley crew.

How do you work this derned thing??

I ruv you too raggy!

See? Drunk people don't NEED microphones to sing. Just a hand shaped like one!

Hmmm, what should I sing?

Well, it was a fun night! Happy birthday again!


Charles said...

Hey that looks like fondue. Yum!

shortee_ec said...

quit showing off will ya?

I think I love Japan too! Sniff. Seriously, its like top three on my vacay list now because of your blog!

shortee_ec said...

^^^^ oh its Elaine btw from Sanity,Interrupted..blogger won't let me log on with my normal log in name.

Stupid blogger.

Ryan said... there a night of the week that you guys dont go out drinking?

Anonymous said...

When they ask where I've been
I answer to see Karaoke Queen
When they ask what I have seen
I tell them magic on da screen


Bec said...

You have absolutely no idea how much I miss you guys and karaoke... Though not sure if it's in that order... :P
Good to see you're all still having a great time up there!

osakaotaku said...

We're waiting for you to visit Bec... there's a warm mic waiting for you!

karaoke queen said...

Shabu Shabu is a japanese style dish where you boil water and add the fresh veggies and whatnot and then very thinly sliced meat to cook. The meat cooks in the same amount of time that you can say 'shabu shabu'.

We love Japan. YOu may be having trouble if you are still on the old blogger. Try changing your account over to blogger beta.

Yes, there are many nights where we don't go drinking. These are all belated posts remember? :D

I see the magic over there too Q!

We miss you too Bec - and like otaku says, we're keeping a mike warm for you!

Bec said...

I'll be there in 2008 - with a couple of friends in tow, none of whom have travelled overseas before! (Quick!! Correct my English!!) We're hoping to be there late March or early April, either for the plum or cherry blossoms... Hopefully both!