Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tokyo Pics!

So we spent 3 days in Tokyo. We took the night bus from Osaka and arrived in Tokyo at about 630 in the morning. The first day we hung about in Asakusa, the traditional temply area of Tokyo. The surrounding area was beautiful as well. Lots to look at and many touristy things to buy. After the temple, it was check in time at the hostel - which by the way was the nicest hostel I have ever stayed in. Sakura Hostel if anyone is interested. After checking in (and taking a nap), we headed downtown and met a friend for drinks.

Sunrise from the bus

A mural outside our hostel. What IS he doing?? Hmmmmm.

A sneak preview of the temple in Asakusa

Jason tying his fortune up.


Jaason and Ieva.

Day 2. We went to Harajuku. Its near Yoyogi Park and famous for its Harajuku girls. Gwen Stefani "loves their style". They wear the craziest stuff and go every Sunday to hang around the area. Of course, the love getting their picture taken. It is the whole point of going. After Harajuku, we went to see the Imperial Palace. A bit of a disappointment really. The surrounding park was beautiful, but the only part of the 'palace' that you get to see is a bridge with some guards and a really big gate. Hmmmmm, why is this recommended for tourists to see?? Ya got me! After din din, we met another friend in Shinjuku and the friend we met the previous day for drinks. We got fantastically ripped off at the Izakaya that we went to (they have sitting fees in Tokyo) and then hit a fun gay bar for a drink.







The park outside the palace.

The palace folks. This is all you get to see. A bridge, a gate and a guard. 2 actually.

Mwa ha ha. NOVA is everywhere!

Me and Josh

Day 3. TOOOKYOOOO DIZUNIRANDOOOOO!! The last time our friend Jason was in Disneyland was just before his parents got divorced. He was maybe 9 or 10 years old. He said it was miserable. So we decided to go see the mouse again and make some new good memories. We had a FAB time. Its so refreshing being able to act like a kid again and just run around like an idiot, ride silly rides, eat too much caramel corn etc. Lunch was hotdogs. It rocked. Being October, everything was set in a Halloween theme which was kind of fun too. The Haunted Mansion is now decorated like The Nightmare before Christmas. Cool stuff. A good time was had by all, and Disneyland can now be a wonderful memory for Jason.

Hi boys! Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!

Ba dam ching!

I'm driving Goofy's car.

Its Jason. Petting a beaver. He he. Theres sooo much more I could say here. But I won't.

Standing outside Poohs Honey Pot!

Waiting in line at the Haunted Mansion. What are you pulling out of that bag Rich?

Day 4 was just another travel day. We hit the Shinkansen in the morning and arrived back in Osaka in the afternoon. I dragged my luggage back to my office and went to work. Hehe. The first thing my boss said was, '5 people come for you'. Its nice to know I'm loved. Back to work.


osakaotaku said...
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osakaotaku said...

It's a Kappa eating kappa? ha ha ha ha. Another great Japanese pun!

As for the Imperial Palace, one must make a reservation before coming. That way they can hide the little Japanese children working in the Imperial Sweat Shop.

Where do they get the 100 yen items for the stores??? Hmmm. Only the storekeepers know....

Ookami Machiavelli said...

HEY it's Josh!!! How cool you got to see him.

And I'm jealous I missed the gay bar with you!

karaoke queen said...

Yeah, actually Josh commented that he wondered why you hadn't gone to Tokyo for that reason sometime. He says there is a whole gay area there. Next time!!!

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Jamie, Awesome!
I saw Jonathan Ross
a famous presenter in England
now does a programme on Japan
and heard about the HG craze.
Though they showed some on tv
First time I've seen up close like this. Thanks!

PS - love the sneak preview of the temple at Asakusa, Magical.
Saw Tom Cruise in The Last Warrior and I simply think Japanese Temples culture & history are awesome

PPS - That is one "hot" honey pot that far outshines the honey pot you are standing by.
I hope it is not an offence in Japan or Canada to praise the wife of another.
I wouldn't want Rich knocking at my door with an unsheathed Samurai sword, now. Would I. lol!

Elaine said...

oooooh! Looks like you had fun! The HG girls are so KEWL! Gwen Stefani isn't the only one that likes their style.. The girl with the half blond and spikey hair rocks. I wish I could get away with that.

karaoke queen said...

Q - yah those HG girls are crazy. Its like a weekly thing they do. Every Sunday they go on parade basically. Its a strange cultural craze but kind of fun I think. If I was 16 and living in Tokyo I would probably do the same just becaus it looks like so much fun.

And Rich never minds :) He says its always cool because I go home with him. Very sensible really. Its the same for him, he can ogle all he wants but he comes home with me.

Elaine - it was too much fun. And hey I can see you with spiky hair! Go for it girl!

Charles said...

Hi. Karaoke Queen thanks for the comment on my blog. Love your photos. Will visit you again.

Ana-chan said...

heheh yea that lil green thing is def doing somethign pervy!!!

karaoke queen said...

Mmmmmm. I love cucumbers.