Friday, October 20, 2006

Tokyo baby!! And review of Puffy.

Puffy rocked. It was sooooo cool seeing them play in front of the big buddha. It was a little surreal seeing a J-pop band play in such an old structure. When we were leaving the monks were thanking us for attending. A little weird, but very cool. We both heard the songs we wanted and danced our little gaijin asses off(as much as you can in front of a little chair) much to the chagrin of our Japanese neighbours I am sure!!

New news, we are headed to Tokyo for a couple of days. Obviously being my friends first time in Japan he wants to hit all of the touristy spots which includes the capital. We will be gone for 3 days to investigate all things Tokyo. There will be pictures.


nobuyuki said...

nice =)

sounds like you're having fun :):):)

Lynn said...

I wonder if the proceeds were going to the MOnks' charity or temple?

karaoke queen said...

We wondered about that as was really great though and my friend even got a picture with one of the monks.