Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Two of our good friends from The Company have left the Multimedia Center for greener pastures.

One went to another company to teach kiddies. We did celebrate but seem to have no pics... hmm... sounds dodgy, yeah? Getting back to the point, we'll just have to use a random pic instead.

He likes them shoes.
The stinkier the better.

The other stayed with The Company but moved to a branch where she can talk face to face without having the internet as an intermediary. Of course we had to party to celebrate. This time we brought the cam. You can see her in column 1, row 5 and in column 2, row 5. See if you can spot her amongst the crowd.

This was also a Latin music night with some cool DJs.
Dancing the night away in Osaka... Yeah!

The moral of this story is that... that... we need more hobbies that don't involve parties and staying up late. As a corollary, people have to come to Japan to join the fun.

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karaoke queen said...

Mmmmmmm, stinky shoes.