Sunday, October 08, 2006

Housewarming, karaoke, and rock rock!

First on this evenings agenda was Antoinettes Housewarming. Yah! I love house parties.

Hi Antoinette!

Some peeps at the party - Dolly, Chie, and Louise.

Cory and my cookie.

Mike and Anna belting out a few tunes.

3 girls. 6 boobs.


Heres the gang. Oliver, Havard and Havard (Kevin and Andy) and Claire.

Party in the DJ booth!

The other DJ taking a break.

This guy was hilarious. Great dancer.

And a beautiful finish to a fantastic evening. The full moon.....


QUASAR9 said...

More Karaoke,
more party nights
do you ever sleep?
And hey, you caught The Moon.

Hope you are having a great day

Ookami Machiavelli said...

Aw it's your street!

karaoke queen said...

Well, I had many excuses this week to party. Housewarming and then it was Andy's birthday :)

It IS my street. Right outside our building. The moon was sooo beautiful that night.......

Ana-chan said...

hahah i love the sniff glue t-shirt!!

Elaine said...

you never invite me to these shindigs.

I'm off to sniff some glue now.....

Praise be to Lucifer. (haha!)

Anonymous said...

hi guys!
cool pics......we'll have to swap......
sounds like a blast.
let us know when you're coming to town, maybe we can hook up.
love sam and steve

karaoke queen said...

We're going to be in town on the 12th sometime. Planning a big friend dinner. Probabably 8/9ish at someplace that can host an army. Unfortunately, we don't have alot of time in Van because we have to go back and see the fam.