Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Highlights of Roma

Rome was a city with many, many antiquities. Too many to see in a week even! We tried our best and took a lot of pics. Here are but a few of them.

The Coloseum.

On principles, I like to pay people for the work they do. That is, if they let you know first. These guys offered to take our pictures and then asked for money. As it turned out we only had plastic on us anyway.

Even "smaller" churches are decorated nicely.

The Roman forum.

One of the main museums in Rome.

The famous Trevia Fountain.

The Roman Pantheon

A random street.

More fountain action.

Our hotel lady and a glimpse of our room.

We went to see the Vatican, but the lines were too long. We got pictures of the outside instead.

This was Piaza Maggiore near to our hotel.


Elaine said...

I love ROME! Okay, i love all of Italy! You're not missing anything at the Vatican though. its nice but it has a very museum feel to it.. not like Notre Dame where there feels like a "presence" inside. Much more spiritual. Plus they had all these Pope memorabilias (pope glasses, pope slippers, pope beer bong hat..) it kind of killed it for me. I really wanted to go into the stores and push down the aisle of merchandise and declare them sinners....much like Jesus did in biblical times. :D

OH and I met took pictures with those soldiers by the Coloseum too! Bastards! I took one of them on a rock, then the guy asked me for money. It was sneaky but had the price been reasonable I would have given it to him. Instead I pushed him off the rock and threw a handful of Lire at him...which probably equaled out to .5 cents. And thank goodness I did because when I got my pictures back, he was looking away from the camera.....bitchasses

QUASAR9 said...

Rome, Rome
The Eternal City

karaoke queen said...

Yeah, those bitches asked for alot of money!! I think they wanted about 20 Euros. I was like, "What??". Luckily we didn't have any cash on us anyways - which is why we had gone to the coloseum. You can take all the pics you want on the outside for free. I told them all we had was travellers cheques and our visa. Which by the way, why is it so f#$king hard to change travellers cheques in Europe???? I swear everywhere we went it was a huge hassle. Everyone was more than willing to take our visa though. Except in Amsterdam, where no-one would take our visa and we were out of travellers cheques......hmmm.....