Thursday, September 28, 2006

Heeeeyaaan. Heeeeeyaaan.

Aaah. The Heian Shrine in Kyoto. I know there are alot of posts revolving around Kyoto on this site but, gosh, darnit, there's just so much to see there!

Beautiful leaves inside the garden at the Shrine

Hello says my shadow

Another gorgeous shot in the garden

Here we are. The 4 of us grabbed a random Japanese person to take this picture for us.

Hop hop hop!


Tea House on the lake.

The beautiful orange of one of the shrine buildings

Fantastic Shrine

The enormous gates to the Shrine. They are actually located a good block or so away from the inner gates. Its hard to see the perspective in this picture, but trust me when I say they are huge.

Well, that was Kyoto and the Heian Shrine. Whats next.....?


Tampopo said...

Great photos! Kyoto looks amazing!

How do you make those fantastic picture colleges?


karaoke queen said...

Have you heard of 'picasa'? Its a free photo program made by google. You can make a variety of collages through the newest version of this program.

Tampopo said...

Ah yes! I think I have an account but haven't looked at it in ages.

It was great meeting you and your husband last night. Noa is sooooo cute! Glad she likes the music!