Saturday, September 02, 2006

Dank U!

So, we've been lacking in the internet access area for the last few days, so its just gonna be a quick text blog until Paris. We went to Rome for a couple of days (which was fantastic and we will be posting pics later) and then headed back to Milan to catch our flight to Amsterdam. We landed about 11ish and managed to find our hotel - just minutes away from the Centraal Station. And the 2 'a's are not an accident. We are having a VERY nice time here in Amsterdam. Yep. Not so many pictures. We were having too much fun for that sort of thing. Uh huh. We did go to a very nice park called Vondelpark. Dutch people are really athletic. We saw tons of people jogging, and biking and some cool rollerblade/skaters. We saw lots of other things too, but maybe they weren't really was hard to tell. The park was great though.

We also saw the red light district. Not so sexy really, but worth seeing. It was more educational than sexy. Dutch people are really nice too and speak almost perfect English. Most of them anyways. I haven't run across a single person who doesn't speak at least some English. The houses are tall and thin and architecturally beautiful. And of course the canals are great. We took a night cruise through the canals which was fun. Pictures were hard to take, but I got a couple that are nice.

I love dutch pancakes. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Japan really needs to work on their pancake. Anyways, here's hoping we make another visit to Holland. It was tons of fun. Although it will have to be a summer trip I think, because it was really f&$king cold even now. I had to buy a scarf and Rich actually wore a sweater. So Dank U Amsterdam, and Bonjour Paris!


Ana-chan said...

I agree, the Dutch are very friendly and helpful.I always enjoy amsterdam and other cities whenever I get the chance...
so you never mention coffeee shops.. did you guys sip them??

Have fuuun!!!

osakaotaku said...

uhhh. yes. we visited coffeeshops. the coffee was good. ;-P