Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Weddings and friends, beaches and beautiful weather, and fantastic french food

What can I say? The wedding was beautiful. We headed out into the french countryside and frolicked amongst the locals. The bride (Michiko) looked fantastic and Cedric (the groom) looked great as well. After the ceremony we sat down to a good if long awaited dinner and danced til the sun went down and then a bit after. The next day we headed to the beach. The beautiful red cliffs and azure sky and sea contrasted wonderfully against my white pasty skin. The water was great. I am trying to make you all jealous. Is it working???? LOL! It really was nice though. Then we headed back to the 'campsite'. If you can call it that. It's really more like a private trailer park but french style. We ate a great late dinner with most of Ced's relatives. Mmmmmm. Today we just hung about the park and went swimming in the pool and now have finally arrived back in the city of Nice. We will be staying with Cedrics parents for a couple of days before heading on to Milan. Updates later.....

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