Friday, June 23, 2006

This ones for you kid!

I am kinda bummed.

But bummed in the sort of way that I am happy as well because someone in my life is moving upwards and onwards. One of my friends here in Osaka is moving back home after surviving over a year at N. He is a sweet, kind, funny guy and I (we - yes Richard too, even though he is 84% evil) will miss him alot. This Blog is for you Brett! Here are some of the adventures of Brett...

OK, so this first pic is of me and Brett. I get to go first. Its my blog. So there. Nya nya!

Awwwww, thats Brett and my hubby. They are both extremely drunk at this time.

Brett and Lou - or should I say Uma??

What is this? WHY it is a door that goes nowhere in Mino say Brett and Todd.

Brett and some of the gang at Dunk.

And heres ma boy. We're really gonna miss ya! But we hope the best for you at home. Come back and visit and we will be sure to visit you when we head back to Canada.


Anonymous said...

You guys rock! thank you for the tribute!

I just want to wake up and be in my futon again, go shopping with rich in den den, go eat some udon with josh and then sing some karaoke with jamie until we drop!! Oh and drink with lou and kiss masa until the sun comes up. Sounds lovely. These are now my dreams.

karaoke queen said...

We're gonna miss ya Boo boo! Did you take your futon with you? I think Josh and Gyps are sending theirs back to NZ because they love it so much!