Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More goodbyes....

Unfortunately, when you live overseas, people go home alot. It sucks. Fortunately, you get to go to really fun sayounara parties. Amanda and Tom and both going home. Here are pics from the party.


Tom - lol - this is a really funny picture of him!

Lets play pool! It took Jess an hour to get an empty pool table. There were some people playing on the free tables forever. She went over when they'd finished - like walked away from the table - the girl came rushing back and said 'we're still playing'. Jess had to use a pay table. But look, she still looks happy!

The antics of Rob and Jaqui. Same time tomorrow!

Sally! Mysterious!

Marcus and Darelle. I liked this picture sideways! He he!

Its Kat! Cat? Either way! Cute as ever :)

Don't cry Matt! Its just a party.

Mmmmmm, beer. Looks like Rich and (I can never remember her name - I don't really feel that bad about it as I have only met her once before) are taking a little break from drinking.

Brayden and Amanda. Hmmm, I hope I spelled his name right as well. I really need to know how to spell my friends names correctly.

My boss and me! Its hard to take a picture of yourself!

Aaaaand, just in case you were getting bored of looking at pictures of people that you may or may not know.......BOOBIES! Enjoy.

We'll miss you guys! But I know you'll enjoy being back home. Send me pics. So I can miss you more!

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