Monday, June 19, 2006

Aaaargh, buy me beer!

Japanese mascots. Gotta love em!

I'm pretty sure thats his belly button. Well, I really hope its his belly button!

I'm not really sure what they were promoting with this guy.


Elaine said...

Oh they had that same monkey in the Philippines when I was young. I still don't know what they were promoting though.

Belly button or botched circumcision....I'm hoping its his belly button too.

Debi said...

I had one of these as a kid!!! It's a Monchichi. I had two actually a girl and a boy. They were dolls that did nothing except be cute - but damn were they cute! God I loved those things.

karaoke queen said...

He is cute isn't he! You'd be amazed how many people get to enjoy being a furry animal here for money here in Japan :)