Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Kyoto culture.

Nijojo castle: if you walk 10 minutes from here you can find a store that sells samurai swords, not the imitation ones but the real deal. I don't know if that's just very cool or incredibly scary.

This photo come courtesy of Glen Dare (yes, that is his real name and yet he's not a character from the Thunderbirds!), my former flatmate and all round good bloke. You see, he has a serious thing for women in kimono...

Just to prove that there's more to my life in Japan than my job, I decided to head to Kyoto a few times to experience some culture. Here is some random cool things I took pictures of..

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Elaine said...

Have I told you that I'm jealous of you yet? Let's trade places for a day, pLEASE? Beautiful pictures, I think I might have thing for chicks in Kimonos too after reading your blog. AND real authentic Samurai swords to be had at the corner store? So that I may buy one and be like Uma in Kill Bill????