Monday, January 29, 2007

Holla to a girl on her Bday!

So, the big event was last night! A horde descended upon our new apartment and we celebrated the anniversary of a certain Karaoke Queen's entrance into this world. Actually, it was the 14th, but girl was in Canada and couldn't party it up with her J-friends from there. I had a dinner with the family there and then went out with some friends (T and T) on the actual date of my B-day.

We decided to combine our housewarming, and my B-day into one big celebration. Both belated. Rich decided kinda last minute he wanted to make it a BBQ as well, so I called it (in my head anyway) the B and B party. Why? Who knows, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Everyone showed up in pretty good cheer, some with meat for the grill, and some without. Some did not know it was a BBQ because Otaku was a bit lazy with the notification.......bad Otaku. So we had to buy some more meat, but it all turned out OK.

I started drinking early - it was my B-day celebration after all, and by the time most of the guests were showing up I was already half-cut. A little bit of vodka, a little bit on gin, a little bit of Baileys and whisky .....I think.....did you put whisky in that drink Dali? There was music and presents and general disorder. There was BBQ and a rooftop. No one fell off. Thank god.

Then we migrated to the bar below our house - the Cowboy Texas Rancher. Yes, that's really what its called. Its run by this great Japanese guy who has a penchant for things western. Its kitschy and campy and cool. My drinking continued. Gin Blossoms were the order of the evening until Moose decided that we weren't quite drunk enough yet and bought a round of tequila shots. They were enormous!! I wish I'd taken a picture - they were more like double shots. Down the hatch it went! Then I was truly hammered. Ignoring the little voice inside that said "Hey, you're pretty hammered", I downed a couple more gin blossoms just for the hell of it.

At this point, it was time for the birthday girl to hit the hay. After a truly fun birthday with her important Osaka peeps, she happily fell into bed and dreamt of how next year could possibly be even better!

*Afterword - pictures to come when we have proper internet again. Or when I convince Otaku to put them up for me :D


Mr. Fabulous said...

A belated happy birthday, my friend!

James Nicholas Morrison said...

Happy belated!


Ryan said...

Happy B-day! Sounds like you had a good time! Cant wait to see the pictures.

Ana-chan said...

Happy belated birthday K-chan!!!haha you are so right.. parties these days are nothing without gymnastics and acrobatics!!
Hope you had fun!!